Eliminate Repetitive Emails: 6 Steps to Using ContactMonkey Email Templates

Eliminate Repetitive Emails: 6 Steps to Using ContactMonkey Email Templates Make the most of Salesforce Email Templates with ContactMonkey Templates You’ve been asked the same question - for the 450th time this month. Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time at work answering the same questions over and over again. It is part [...]

New Feature! Salesforce Gmail Calendar Sync

New Feature! Salesforce Gmail Calendar sync Editor's note: This feature was recently released on Outlook. If you're an Outlook user, check out Outlook Salesforce Calendar Sync.  Our team of highly-trained scientists donned their thinking caps, affixed their lab goggles and pondered some telling statistics. If you use Salesforce, you're one of 5 million active users of the the CRM. [...]

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Sales Applications: The Best of the AppExchange

Improve your workflow and get the most from your sales reps with our list of our favourite sales applications from the Salesforce AppExchange. [...]

Email to Salesforce is Not Working – Fixed!

One of Salesforce's simplest and most powerful features is Email to Salesforce. Why? Great question! Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it. If you log emails inside of Salesforce then your whole team will see what emails have been sent to the lead or contact. This makes for great company-wide communication. [...]

3 Reasons to Update Salesforce from Your Inbox Now

Update Salesforce from your inbox now! What are you waiting for?! Here are three compelling reasons for you to stop flipping back and forth between your inbox and Salesforce.com today: 1. Save 60 Minutes Today Using a tool like ContactMonkey can eliminate up to 70% of the repetitive steps it takes to log each and every [...]

How to Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail

How to Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail One of Salesforce's greatest features is the ability to add an email to Salesforce. This feature enables all of the emails you're sending out to be logged against the proper lead or contact, helping you run proper activity reports and giving your whole excellent visibility into the communication you're [...]

Gmail Salesforce integration

Let's talk about Gmail, and why we need Gmail Salesforce integration. Business has changed, we use more and more cloud services like gmail. Small and mid sized businesses are realizing they don't need to spend big money on building internal infrastructure. Gone are the days when everything has to be in house and maintained by [...]

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Salesforce AppExchange Passes 3 Million Installs

The Salesforce AppExchange has just surpassed an impressive 3 million installs. This is an astounding achievement by Salesforce and an event which further solidifies that the CRM has been successful in creating a platform worthy of the ages. Just two years ago, the AppExchange was the home of 1,800 B2B apps. Now that number has grown [...]

How To Add Salesforce Custom Objects to Outlook and Gmail

How To Add Salesforce Custom Objects to Outlook and Gmail You can now view and edit Salesforce custom objects from within Outlook and Gmail. Why is this a big deal? Up until now you could only view Salesforce standard objects like Contacts, Opportunities and Cases in Outlook using Salesforce for Outlook's Side Panel. If [...]

Increasing Salesforce Adoption – What’s the Winning Strategy?

Increasing Salesforce adoption seems to be extremely topical today, and for good reason. 35% of delegates from Dreamforce '14 said that they have major adoption issues (ImprovedApps.com). Quite honestly, I believe this number is actually higher because not everyone likes to admit they have major adoption issues. Customization, training, constant improvement, support and change management are [...]