Email to Salesforce is Not Working – Fixed!

One of Salesforce's simplest and most powerful features is Email to Salesforce. Why? Great question! Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it. If you log emails inside of Salesforce then your whole team will see what emails have been sent to the lead or contact. This makes for great company-wide communication. [...]

Send and Add Email to Salesforce from Outlook

Send and Add Email to Salesforce from Outlook If you're already working in Outlook throughout the day it only makes sense to do as much from there as you can. That, of course, includes accessing the full functionality of Salesforce. But that can often be challenging and time-consuming: switching between the two programs can get [...]

BCC to Salesforce not working?

[easy-social-share buttons="facebook,twitter,google,linkedin,buffer,digg,reddit" counters=1 counter_pos="hidden" total_counter_pos="leftbig" hide_names="force" template="metro-retina"] One of the quickest ways to get your emails from Outlook into is to use the BCC to Salesforce feature. It’s just one click away and adds your emails right to the lead or contact you are replying to. This can be a really powerful way to [...]

Salesforce AppExchange Passes 3 Million Installs

The Salesforce AppExchange has just surpassed an impressive 3 million installs. This is an astounding achievement by Salesforce and an event which further solidifies that the CRM has been successful in creating a platform worthy of the ages. Just two years ago, the AppExchange was the home of 1,800 B2B apps. Now that number has grown [...]

Increasing Salesforce Adoption – What’s the Winning Strategy?

Increasing Salesforce adoption seems to be extremely topical today, and for good reason. 35% of delegates from Dreamforce '14 said that they have major adoption issues ( Quite honestly, I believe this number is actually higher because not everyone likes to admit they have major adoption issues. Customization, training, constant improvement, support and change management are [...]

3 Things Missing from Salesforce App for Outlook

3 Things Missing from Salesforce App for Outlook Kudos to Salesforce - they've released an update to their Salesforce for Outlook plugin: Salesforce App for Outlook. This new integration is the answer to those companies that have made the switch from native Outlook clients (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) to Office 365 and Outlook Web [...]

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