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Getting Started with Salesforce: 3 Simple Steps for Beginners

You can do anything you put your mind to. That is, as long as you have Salesforce. Ok, maybe anything is a stretch, but with this CRM software, you and your entire sales team can take full control of the sales process. You can track customer interactions for every step of the buyer’s journey. You [...]

Getting Started with Salesforce? Avoid These 8 Common Misconceptions

Everything you think you know about Salesforce is wrong. OK, maybe not wrong -- just misguided. You might have this kind of mental image of Salesforce as something corporate. Something that’s best suited to massive multinational enterprises. And not something for a little startup or small-town business like yours. There are common myths and misconceptions [...]

New Feature! Salesforce Gmail Calendar Sync

New Feature! Salesforce Gmail Calendar sync Editor's note: This feature was recently released on Outlook. If you're an Outlook user, check out Outlook Salesforce Calendar Sync.  Our team of highly-trained scientists donned their thinking caps, affixed their lab goggles and pondered some telling statistics. If you use Salesforce, you're one of 5 million active users of the the CRM. If [...]

New Feature! Salesforce Person Accounts support

New Feature! Salesforce Person Accounts support Psst.... speaking of adding things in one click, we're pretty proud of our feature letting you 1-click add emails to Salesforce, too. Customize your Person Accounts You can add custom objects to your sidepanel to sit alongside Person Accounts. Put down the phone. WIth ContactMonkey, update everything [...]

Creating Reports in Salesforce: A Beginner’s Guide for 2019

Creating Reports in Salesforce: A Beginners Guide for 2019 Do you ever wonder how to create a report in Salesforce? Creating reports in Salesforce can often look something like this: But Salesforce isn’t worth the (sometimes) high price unless you’re gleaning insight (instead of just raw data). So whether we like it or [...]

What Does Salesforce Do For Email Marketers?

Frustrated by the data plateau of traditional email? You're not alone. It’s a nuisance we’ve all experienced. Webmail services like Gmail and Outlook often lack the capability to provide comprehensive insight into customer behavior. Fortunately, you have the option to integrate Salesforce CRM with email to visualize customer data. But what exactly does Salesforce do [...]

1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce

Your #1 Salesforce Productivity Secret: 1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce TL;DR: Our 1-Click Add to Salesforce feature makes it quick and easy to add emails to any standard or custom object. Most importantly, add right from the comfort of your Gmail for Chrome or Outlook for Windows inbox through [...]

Cross Object Fields in Salesforce Email Templates FIXED!

Have you ever wanted to use cross object fields in Salesforce email templates? You're not alone! Salesforce email templates are great at standardizing email messaging across your sales and service organizations. You're able to create beautiful looking email templates which your users can access and send to their leads and contacts. Hooray! But what if [...]

How to Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail

One of Salesforce's greatest features is the ability to add an email to Salesforce. This feature enables all of the emails you're sending out to be logged against the proper lead or contact, helping you run proper activity reports and giving your whole excellent visibility into the communication you're having with all of your clients and prospects. But are you [...]

Email to Salesforce is Not Working: How To Fix in 5 Easy Steps!

One of Salesforce's simplest and most powerful features is Email to Salesforce. Why? Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it. If you log emails inside of Salesforce then your sales team will have full view of what emails have been sent to leads and contacts within Salesforce. But what happens when [...]

BCC to Salesforce not working?

[easy-social-share buttons="facebook,twitter,google,linkedin,buffer,digg,reddit" counters=1 counter_pos="hidden" total_counter_pos="leftbig" hide_names="force" template="metro-retina"] One of the quickest ways to get your emails from Outlook into is to use the BCC to Salesforce feature. It’s just one click away and adds your emails right to the lead or contact you are replying to. This can be a really powerful way to [...]

Send and Add Email to Salesforce from Outlook

Send and Add Email to Salesforce from Outlook  Want to make your life a little easier today? No more sending emails, switching to Salesforce, finding your Lead or Contact, copying and pasting into Contact or Lead notes and then adding activities or updating statuses. Now, you can use Outlook where you were already working [...]

Salesforce for Outlook

[easy-social-share buttons="facebook,twitter,google,linkedin,buffer,digg,reddit" counters=1 counter_pos="hidden" total_counter_pos="leftbig" hide_names="force" template="metro-retina"] When trying to get emails from Outlook into Salesforce I used to have to take too many steps. I had to either copy and paste the contents into the appropriate location. Or if I had an email to case, or email to lead address set up I could forward [...]

Salesforce AppExchange Passes 3 Million Installs

The Salesforce AppExchange has just surpassed an impressive 3 million installs. This is an astounding achievement by Salesforce and an event which further solidifies that the CRM has been successful in creating a platform worthy of the ages. Just two years ago, the AppExchange was the home of 1,800 B2B apps. Now that number has grown [...]

Creating a Salesforce Contact from Outlook

These wise men have a few things to say about saving time by creating a Salesforce Contact from Outlook: “You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton “Time lost is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, [...]

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a Game Changer

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a Game Changer The Internet is buzzing about Salesforce Analytics Cloud right now, and for good reason. A single tool that instantly brings together huge sets of data from all verticals of an organization into one, beautifully designed place. For data junkies like us at ContactMonkey, this is certainly something to [...]

Increasing Salesforce Adoption – What’s the Winning Strategy?

Increasing Salesforce adoption seems to be extremely topical today, and for good reason. 35% of delegates from Dreamforce '14 said that they have major adoption issues ( Quite honestly, I believe this number is actually higher because not everyone likes to admit they have major adoption issues. Customization, training, constant improvement, support and change management are [...]

3 Things Missing from Salesforce App for Outlook

  Kudos to Salesforce - they've released an update to their Salesforce for Outlook plugin: Salesforce App for Outlook. This new integration is the answer to those companies that have made the switch from native Outlook clients (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) to Office 365 and Outlook Web Access. It's a great free integration for companies [...]

Use Salesforce Email Templates in Outlook

Salesforce email templates save you an enormous amount of time. How much time do you spend copying the contents of a good email to then send to someone new? We've all done it. It's a crazy time waster. Wouldn't it be great if you could: Create a Salesforce email template including mail merge fields Send that [...]

Log a Call in Salesforce from Outlook

"Can you log a call from Outlook?" The answer to this question was 'No' until we created our version of Salesforce for Outlook. Now you can turn 7 steps into just 3. Now you can log a call by: Clicking on an email from your prospect in your inbox. ContactMonkey will pull up that person's Salesforce [...]

Manage Salesforce Duplicate Contacts from Outlook

There's an old saying in the CRM world - Garbage In Garbage Out. If you put garbage into Salesforce you're going to get garbage out of it. Pure and simple. Where does this garbage come from you ask? Salesforce duplicate contacts. If you're collaborating with colleagues on a deal there's a good chance you've all [...]

Salesforce for Outlook Now Supports Group & Professional Edition!

Salesforce is a great CRM tool for both sales managers and salespeople. However it's difficult to update. Why? Because a salesperson must flip between Outlook and Salesforce all day long to keep the information up-to-date. This is a pain, it takes time and most importantly it takes the salesperson away from the task they've been [...]

Gmail Integration Salesforce Now Supports Group & Professional Editions!

Want to maximize the use of Salesforce? Gmail integration salesforce allows groups and professionals to make the most out the platform, right from your inbox. How? Salespeople are trained to log all customer interactions in Salesforce. This includes: Creating leads, contacts and accounts Logging calls Creating events Editing tasks Updating opportunities Creating cases This is [...]

Salesforce Gmail Integration – Now Available

Salespeople spend the majority of their day in their inbox. However they’re also tasked with keeping Salesforce information up-to-date including creating contacts, updating leads, logging calls, editing opportunities and creating cases. This means they have to toggle between their inbox and Salesforce up to 100 times per day. This time consuming task takes salespeople away [...]

Create a Salesforce Lead in Outlook

Question: How do you create a Salesforce Lead or Contact in Outlook right now? Answer: You can't Until now... ContactMonkey's Salesforce for Outlook now allows you to stay in Outlook to create a new Lead or Contact. Once you receive or send an email to a person who is not a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, ContactMonkey [...]

Salesforce for Outlook by ContactMonkey

We are excited to announce our new Salesforce for Outlook integration! Salesforce users can now view and update CRM data without having to leave Outlook, whether they use Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013. And it's available today.