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It’s Time for an Email Tracking Upgrade

ContactMonkey is about to be better than ever. In just the last two weeks we've added and upgraded three powerful features: Gmail Delay Send, Word Mail Merge with Email Tracking, and improved Desktop Notifications. But, we haven't stopped there, with our new pricing updates, we're giving ContactMonkey users more flexibility than ever. Don't want to commit [...]

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Desktop Notifications With Gmail

At ContactMonkey, we're all about streamlining your workflow. That's why this week we've overhauled our notifications to make them more powerful than ever. That means no matter what you're working on or how many tasks you're juggling, you can stay on top of who's reading your email, when, and what they're clicking on. [...]

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3 Reasons to Update Salesforce from Your Inbox Now

Update Salesforce from your inbox now! What are you waiting for?! Here are three compelling reasons for you to stop flipping back and forth between your inbox and Salesforce.com today: 3 Reasons to Update Salesforce from Your Inbox Now 1. Save 60 Minutes Today Using a tool like ContactMonkey can eliminate up to 70% of the [...]

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Connect for Outlook Retiring

Connect for Outlook has been a great way to connect Salesforce with Outlook. However as of October 2015 Salesforce will be ending support for this product. However don't fret! There's another even better service available which will connect your Outlook with Salesforce. Connect for Outlook Replaced by Salesforce for Outlook ContactMonkey's Salesforce for Outlook Allows you to [...]

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Link Tracking for Outlook

Link Tracking for Outlook Link tracking lets you see who clicks on any links you send in an email. Simple, right? Well, it sounds simple because it is simple, but the insights you get from knowing who's clicking on your links are far more than that simplicity might suggest. Link tracking is a brilliantly useful tool in [...]

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Outlook Delivery Receipt vs. Outlook Read Receipt in 2018

What's the difference between tracking your emails using an Outlook Read Receipt versus the Outlook Delivery Receipt? Sometimes, in confusion, people even ask, "Is Outlook delivery receipt not working?" just because they expect it to behave like an Outlook read receipt.  It's a question we get asked a lot, so we decided to create a definitive, comprehensive [...]

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Outlook Read Receipt vs Outlook Email Tracking: What’s More Useful? – 2018

Ever used Outlook read notification? Is your Outlook read receipt not working?  It can be very annoying to use read receipt in Outlook. Outlook read receipt is Microsoft's old way of telling you if someone opened your email. It's antiquated and rarely effective. Why? Simple. The recipients of your emails have to give permission to be [...]

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