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Outlook Salesforce Calendar Sync: Why You Need It For Your Sales Team!

Over the years, we’ve obsessively packed the ContactMonkey sidebar with Salesforce integration features that make our plugin the lazy salesperson’s dream. Want Salesforce Email Integration for your inbox? We’ve got you covered. Want to 1-click add emails to Salesforce? No problem. But now, fresh off the assembly line, is the latest, shiny update that we’re convinced our [...]

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How to Save Time with Mail Merge in Gmail

How to Save Time with Mail Merge in Gmail You know the feeling. The day has flown by, and it feels like you've wasted all your time on pointless tasks. Instead of tackling the important projects that will make a difference for your company, you've spent the day manually sending yet another round of sales [...]

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New Feature! Gmail Mail Merge Add On With Attachments

Gmail Mail Merge Add on With Attachments We know, you love ContactMonkey’s Gmail Mail Merge add on. And we also know that you’ve achieved eye-watering success with sending mass, personalized emails right from your Gmail inbox. After all, personalized emails are up to 6 times more effective than unpersonalized ones. “Can the Gmail Mail Merge [...]

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Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows You might not think Outlook desktop alerts could have much of an impact on your sales game. But we've come up with something different: desktop alerts you'll actually want. Face it - when it comes to selling effectively, having context and insight is everything: what are your prospects doing? When [...]

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New! Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support

New! Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support 2017 is here and we’re kicking it off in style by upgrading one of our favourite features: Gmail Mail Merge. Now, use Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support, personalize, send, and track to all of your lists and contacts, no matter where they are. With Gmail Mail [...]

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Send Emails Later With Gmail Delay Send

After launching Gmail Delay Send for ContactMonkey a few months ago we had an amazing response. 50,000 signups and some fantastic user feedback later, we're pleased to announce some game-changing upgrades to the feature. Here it is, the new and improved Gmail Delay Send... What's New? Find and Edit Your Scheduled Emails Trying to edit those scheduled emails? [...]

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Gmail Scheduling is Going to Optimize Your Work Week

We’ve all been there: Friday afternoon with the clock ticking. 4:45 rolls around and we think we’re home free. But, then your inbox pings and one more email slips through, begging to be read. To hell with it, you’ve got a weekend at the cottage planned and nothing is going to keep you working late. [...]

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New! Incognito Mode Support

Happy Thursday! You know what that means: the weekend's almost here, tomorrow's a write-off, [insert popular musician of choice] is playing tonight.... oh, and ContactMonkey has another new feature. Woohoo! ContactMonkey is all about working where you work. That's why this week we've added Incognito Mode Support to ContactMonkey's roster of features. Track With Incognito Mode  Tired [...]

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Sales Style: Being There

Being There – Sales Style In one of my previous posts, No Such Thing As Too Soon, I presented an argument for jumping into the fray early, and the advantages it can provide a seller.  But the early mover advantage fades quick unless you take concrete and consistent actions to maintain it and win the deal.  [...]

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