The Worst Mail Merge Fails (and How to Fix Them)

From the bad to the downright embarrassing, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst mail merge fails we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it’s hilarious, but also because before we show you how to fix the problem, it’s important to see how bad some mail merge issues can really get. We get it, sending [...]

Word Mail Merge vs. ContactMonkey Email Template Builder in Outlook

Compared to the horrible pains of using Word Mail Merge to send a simple mass email to your distribution lists, our new Email Template Builder for Outlook is a clear no-brainer and a match made in heaven for internal communicators. At this point we’ve talked ad nauseam about the pains that come with opening Microsoft [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sending Internal Emails Your Employees Will Love

What if your employees actually read and liked your internal emails?  The world of internal communications (IC) has undergone several changes in the last decade, driven by intense competition for talent; a distracted workforce; and the rise of employees who care deeply about values and missions, not just about a paycheck. On top of that, [...]

Using Word Mail Merge? You Need to Upgrade to This Mail Merge Tool Instead

Do you use Outlook to send out business communications? Are you still stuck in the stone age and using Word Mail Merge to send mass emails from Outlook? Did you know that you're able to send and track mass emails to prospects, clients, and employees without them even knowing it? Plus now you can even create [...]

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