Everything you need to know about how to track emails

If you are in sales or run a business of any sort, then you know that email plays a critical role in your business operations. Yet most businesses send outreach emails with little or no idea as to what happens to them after hitting the send button. Unless they get a reply.What if you had the data to track emails and thereby improve your outreach? Discover how to track emails and improve your results.

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows You might not think Outlook desktop alerts could have much of an impact on your sales game. But we've come up with something different: desktop alerts you'll actually want. Face it - when it comes to selling effectively, having context and insight is everything: what are your prospects doing? When [...]

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5 Outlook Add-Ins to Boost Your Productivity

5 Outlook Add-Ins to Boost Your Productivity Sure, there are those who say it's not as sexy or as cool as its younger competitor Gmail - but with 400 million users, Outlook is an undeniable juggernaut of the modern email landscape. In fact, with 400 million active users, almost 20% of [...]

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Sales Emails: More Than Communication

Most sales people think of e-mails as a mode of communication.  Predominantly one to one, or one to small work groups, and then there is the mass e-mails used in marketing.  But there are other ways sales professionals can use e-mail to engage with potential prospects, move deals along, or bring stalled deals back [...]

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New! Incognito Mode Support

Happy Thursday! You know what that means: the weekend's almost here, tomorrow's a write-off, [insert popular musician of choice] is playing tonight.... oh, and ContactMonkey has another new feature. Woohoo! ContactMonkey is all about working where you work. That's why this week we've added Incognito Mode Support to ContactMonkey's roster of features. Track With Incognito Mode  Tired [...]

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New! Internal Email Tracking

The upgrades keep rolling! This week we've added Internal Email Tracking to ContactMonkey's roster of features. With Internal Email Tracking keeping track of your team, department, or business, has never been easier. Make sure those emails going out to your colleagues are actually getting read. Are you working in HR, want to keep closer tabs on [...]

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Job Applications: Tracking and Hacking

Bad Take control of your job applications: see who's opened your emails, when you should follow up, and which parts of your resume are making a splash. [...]

Sales Applications: The Best of the AppExchange

Improve your workflow and get the most from your sales reps with our list of our favourite sales applications from the Salesforce AppExchange. [...]

Use Word Mail Merge to Send and Track Emails

Use Word Mail Merge to Send and Track Emails   You can use Word Mail Merge to send a personalized email to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. Why is this important? Leading studies suggest 74% of marketers know that personalization increases customer engagement. Curiously, the same study highlighted [...]

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Salesforce Mass Email Limit

Salesforce Mass Email Limit You probably know Salesforce comes with an-out-of-the-box mass email solution. While it's a great tool for sending out messages to fairly small groups of addresses, it really doesn't take long until you run into the Salesforce mass email limit. Here's how to beat it. Getting started Start by selecting the [...]