How to Create an Outlook Distribution List and Track it to Boost Employee Engagement

Ever wondered how to create an Outlook distribution list and track every email that you send to each person from the list? This blog tells you exactly how to create an Outlook distribution list, how to edit it and how to send personalized emails to all your employee distribution lists in Outlook.  Having the ability [...]

Choosing Internal Communication Channels in 2019: The Slack vs. Email Battle

Have you often wondered what the best internal communication channels and internal communication platforms are for increasing workplace efficiency? This article pits two platforms against each other and argues that email is the best internal communication platform for tracking and measuring employee engagement. With the rise of disruptive internal communication tools, the biggest debate within the communications [...]

What’s Worrying Internal Comms Professionals Today? – CommsChat Recap

Earlier this week we had the pleasure to host an edition of CommsChat with Communicate Magazine. CommsChat is an online conversation about all things communications, including PR, marketing, internal comms, and digital strategy. For this edition we focused on the topic that drives our mission: how to promote employee engagement through internal communications. In the hour-long [...]

GDPR Compliance: The Zero Stress Guide for Internal Communicators

GDPR is here, everyone freak out! We’re kidding. But that does seem to be the sentiment emanating from sales and marketing teams in Europe and around the world. Can I still send cold emails? How will this affect prospecting? ARE WE GOING TO BE OKAY? The answers to those questions are: yes; you’ll have to [...]

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Outlook Rendering Issues: 5 Tips to Make Sure Your Responsive Emails Render Properly

Coding HTML email templates is complicated. Coding templates for Outlook gets even more complicated since Outlook rendering issues are incredibly common. Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013,, Outlook for Office 365, Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android… the list won’t stop there, there will be more in years to come. And they all [...]