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How to Deploy Internal Comms Storytelling Within Your Employee Newsletters

Have you ever thought about utilizing internal comms storytelling effectively to make your employee newsletters compelling? Don’t you love reading email newsletters that draw you in? Whether it’s the clever use of witty language within each email or outstanding employee newsletter design design, the key to a good email newsletter lies in being able to [...]

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How to Measure Internal Communications (Getting Started)

Wondering how to measure internal communications in your organization? You keep hearing about the importance of metrics but don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. If you follow our blog or have read any of our ebooks, you know we’re passionate about the power and importance of measuring your internal communications. Just like [...]

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The Worst Mail Merge Fails (and How to Fix Them)

From the bad to the downright embarrassing, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst mail merge fails we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it’s hilarious, but also because before we show you how to fix the problem, it’s important to see how bad some mail merge issues can really get. We get it, sending [...]

How to Handle Internal Emails as a Successful Internal Communicator in 2019

You want to be a successful internal communicator ... What if you didn't need a designer to create beautiful, responsive HTML emails? What if you could become a trusted advisor to the C-Suite instead of always having to fight for approval? Get My eBook Now Internal communicators are ready. They’re ready to [...]

Employee Experience: The Importance of Treating your Employees Like Customers

If you’ve spent any time in business you know about the importance of customer experience as a way to retain customers, reduce churn rates, and attract new customers. Similarly, in recent years top-performing companies have turned that kind of attention inwards. They’ve identified employee experience as a way to retain talent, make employees happy, attract new recruits, [...]

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Update: A New Gmail, An Even Better ContactMonkey Plugin

ContactMonkey’s Gmail extension for creating, sending, tracking, and measuring sales and internal emails just got a fantastic makeover. To match the new Gmail's interface, we’ve got a new look -- and all the tools that you love just got better and faster. A New Gmail Update = A New Look (Yes, We Work Out) We’re always [...]

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Embracing Creative Internal Communications: Monkey Business with Helen Reynolds

In our Monkey Business series, we sit down with creative internal communications pros, HR top-performers and email gurus to get the best tips and tricks to engage employees, fix your culture, and help you improve business performance. Oh creativity. That wonderful personality trait that we all think we have, but that more often that not, [...]

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