Email Writing Infographic: The Best Email Subject Line for Salespeople

When it comes to email writing, every marketer seems to be a "guru" or an "expert", incessantly offering tips and tricks on the latest trends. But the trouble is, while advice based on someone's personal experience is one way to come to conclusions on email performance - the sources behind that advice are often flimsy. Basing [...]

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Sales Emails: Size Matters

I know people say it is not size, but what you do with it, but when it comes to sales emails, you need to have both, the right size, and how you use it. Just so we are all on the same page, this post is not about mass marketing emails, or what some [...]

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How to Write Personalized Emails

Designing personalized emails is one of the trickiest parts of any email marketing campaign, sales prospecting, or casual cold networking email. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of sending boilerplate emails that feel as stale they look. But, take it from us, personalizing emails will make a huge impact in the way your email [...]

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Sales Email Tips and Tricks: What NOT to Write

Struggling to get your sales email phrasing just right? Let us help. Here are six tips to avoid when drafting your next sales email. [...]

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Top 5 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is an extremely cost effective way to leverage your network and get your message out there. A well-run email marketing campaign can help your company build trust and relationships, while any promotional content you include can help grow your revenue. The key is to make sure your subscribers actually read them! Here are [...]

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Best Email Subject Lines for Salespeople

[easy-social-share buttons="facebook,twitter,google,linkedin,buffer,digg,reddit" counters=1 counter_pos="hidden" total_counter_pos="leftbig" hide_names="force" template="metro-retina"] A typical salesperson is working on 30-50 deals at any given time. It's a numbers game. The more deals you're working the better chance you have at hitting your monthly quota. However most of the time salespeople are flying blind. They have no idea which of their email [...]

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