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Newsletter Ideas: 3 Companies Doing Email Right

So you’ve come up with some great content and have finally gotten approval for an employee newsletter. Now it’s time to come up with great newsletter ideas that your colleagues will love! It makes sense that email newsletters excite you, given that a message is 5 times more likely to be seen in email than [...]

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5 Hacks for Creating Actually Engaging Internal Emails

5 Hacks for Creating Actually Engaging Internal Emails “Business and organizations function best when they make their employees’ commitment, potential, creativity and capability central to their operation.”  - David Macleod, Engaging for Success: Enhancing Performance Through Employee Engagement, 2009. We feel your pain. You’ve been working hard on crafting a new newsletter or rounding up important news [...]

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Tips for Creating an Internal Communications Podcast for Employees

Tips for Creating an Internal Communications Podcast for Employees As the world becomes more disruptive due to advancements in digital technologies, it’s becoming harder to truly engage with employees. With new social media platforms, an array of online collaboration tools and instant messaging apps such as Slack, it’s often overwhelming to figure out which disruptive [...]

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How to Delay Sending an Email in Gmail

I get it. You're wondering how to delay sending an email in Gmail. You're looking to save time and be more productive. It seems like you're always playing catch-up with your inbox. No matter how hard you work, there are always new leads to contact, new messages to send, and updates you must deliver. Wouldn't [...]

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How to Write a Sales Email in 2018 (With Examples!)

No one was born knowing how to write a sales email. My sales email cold call templates were so dry, the Sahara looked like a water park in comparison. I was blissfully unaware—and wasting a lot of time and potential leads! Until one day… ...when I started to receive bland, no-salt-added sales pitch sales emails [...]