Your #1 Salesforce Productivity Secret: 1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce

TL;DR: Our 1-Click Add to Salesforce feature makes it quick and easy to add emails to any standard or custom object. Most importantly, add right from the comfort of your Gmail for Chrome or Outlook for Windows inbox through the ContactMonkey side panel.


At ContactMonkey, we emphasize ridiculous simplicity above all else. If it’s not easy, it’s not useful. That’s why we created the 1-click Add Emails to Salesforce feature: to make our Salesforce integration quicker, easier, and more powerful than ever.

Upgraded in April 2017, our Salesforce Email Integration is one of our Sales teams’ favourite productivity tools. It saves them time with daily Salesforce housekeeping.

You can add emails to any standard or custom object with just 1-click, right from the comfort of your inbox. Add emails to Salesforce with Salesforce for Outlook or with Salesforce Gmail Integration.

Add Emails to Salesforce in 1-click

You can quick-add the emails to Salesforce by simply clicking the email envelopes next to each name in your Salesforce side panel.

salesforce email

Use the Task Template

You can also use the Task Template to specify the values for each field, then 1-click apply the template to the leads or contacts included in the email.

emails to salesforce

When you’re sending an email, the 1-click add feature works exactly the same way. Just click the email icons in the side panel – when you’re ready, send the message just like you normally would. ContactMonkey’s doing the monkey work in the background: the email instantly gets logged to Salesforce according to the selections you made in your side panel.

Keep it simple so you can focus on selling.

When you’re on a roll, the last thing you want to do is keep switching between Salesforce and your inbox. ContactMonkey’s side panel means you don’t have to. Our 1-click add email to Salesforce feature makes it incredibly simple to add emails you’ve received, along with the emails you’re sending, to Salesforce custom and standard objects – all with the click of a button.

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