A typical salesperson is working on 30-50 deals at any given time. It’s a numbers game. The more deals you’re working the better chance you have at hitting your monthly quota. However most of the time salespeople are flying blind. They have no idea which of their email subject lines work best. They don’t know which email subject lines get the most opens. But don’t fret. ContactMonkey has done this work for you. And the results will surprise you…

The best email subject line for Salespeople is actually no subject line at all!

We created the following infographic to share the best and worst email subject lines gathered from 30 million emails sent from ContactMonkey’s Outlook and Gmail email tracking products.

(Small aside, if you want to know which of your email subject lines work best and who opens your email, you can add ContactMonkey to your Outlook or Gmail free)

Best Email Subject Lines for Salespeople

Best Email Subject Lines

Want to know how good your subject lines are? ContactMonkey tells you which ones get opened more, free.

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