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Connect Salesforce with your inbox so you can manage sales faster. Salesforce email integration makes your life easier.

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Salesforce in Your Inbox

View and edit Salesforce data from standard and custom objects right from within your inbox. Skip the hassle and keep all your Salesforce tools exactly where you want them.

Add Emails in 1-Click

Add emails to any standard or custom object with just one 1-click right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

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Customize to Perfection

Easily update your object settings to control what shows up in your sidebar. Choose which Salesforce objects you do and don’t want to view in your inbox.

Salesforce Templates, Right in Your Inbox

Bring Salesforce email templates straight to your inbox with ContactMonkey.

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Create Cases on the Fly

ContactMonkey gives you the power to create Salesforce cases directly from your inbox. Salesforce email management lets you log customer issues quickly and efficiently so everyone saves time.

Never Lose a Lead

Capture lead information quickly so you can always capitalize on a promising situation. Update leads and create contacts in seconds, right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

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Salesforce email tracking

Salesforce Email Tracking

See who opens your emails with Salesforce Email Tracking. Always find out what happens after you press send.

Salesforce Calendar Sync

Create, update, or cancel meetings or appointments from Outlook. Everything gets synced to Salesforce.

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Salesforce email tracking

Internal Comms

Send — and track — personalized internal communications messages right from your Outlook inbox.

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“Automatic email sync and having our Salesforce email templates in Outlook is a no-brainer.”

– Phil Evitt, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange

How Salesforce Email Integration Works

Watch a brief demo to see how ContactMonkey Salesforce email integration works with Outlook or Gmail.

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