You can now view and edit Salesforce custom objects from within Outlook and Gmail. Why is this a big deal? Up until now you could only view Salesforce standard objects like Contacts, Opportunities and Cases in Outlook using Salesforce for Outlook’s Side Panel. If your team used custom objects you had to leave your inbox to see the Salesforce custom object data inside of This was a pain because it forced your users to leave their inbox to view and update their Salesforce data. This lead to Salesforce data not being updated properly.

But today marks a massive day for Salesforce users! Your users can now:

  • Choose which Salesforce Custom Objects and Standard Objects they would like to view in Outlook and Gmail
  • View, create, edit and delete custom records without leaving their inbox

BEFORE – Salesforce Standard Objects

Salesforce Custom Objects

AFTER – Salesforce Custom Objects with Standard Objects

Salesforce Custom Objects

This new feature has removed another very big reason why your users currently have to flip out of their inbox and into Our goal is to let you do everything you need to be doing inside Salesforce without leaving your inbox. Take a look at the videos below to see how ContactMonkey can seamlessly work with your Salesforce custom objects.

Add Salesforce Custom Objects to Outlook or Gmail


How to Add Salesforce Custom Objects in Outlook

How to Add Salesforce Custom Objects in Gmail


The reason we built this integration was the realization that Salesforce out-of-the-box isn’t perfectly suited for your specific business processes. That’s why you hired a Salesforce implementation/consulting partner, or someone in-house, to customize the platform to your specific business needs. This almost always means that custom objects are built to facilitate your unique business reporting requirements.

Previously, you would have to complete numerous steps to update your Salesforce custom objects. You would have to move from your inbox, log into Salesforce, search for the desired record, scroll to the Salesforce custom object and then create or edit the respective record inside the object. ContactMonkey has simplified that down to just one step.

Ridiculously Simple!

Add Salesforce Custom Objects to Outlook or Gmail

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