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Salesforce is only as powerful as the data that’s in it. As the old saying goes – Garbage In Garbage Out. You’re going to get the most value out of Salesforce by populating it with lots of data. That’s where the power of Email to Salesforce comes in.

One of Salesforce’s greatest features is the ability to add an email to Salesforce. This feature enables all of the emails you’re sending out to be logged against the proper lead or contact. This helps you run proper activity reports, as well your whole team will have great visibility into the communication you’re having with all of your clients and prospects. Win Win!

This all sounds great but how do you Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail? Great question! Let me answer it here.

How to Bcc an Email to Salesforce from Gmail

1. First let’s double check that Email to Salesforce is enabled for your organization. Let’s see if your Email to Salesforce string has been created. It’s simple to check. In Salesforce click on:

Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce

Do you see a link next to Email to Salesforce Address? If so that’s a great first step! It means Email to Salesforce has been setup for your organization. You may proceed!

2. Now you have to figure out how to insert your link into every email you’re sending. You can enter your Email to Salesforce string in the Bcc section of every email you send. But we wouldn’t recommend that. Why? Because you’re probably a little forgetful like I am. Some emails you will remember to enter the string, whereas others you won’t. Hit and miss.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just compose an email and hit the send button and know that it will get logged in Salesforce?

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to rely on your memory?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if a swift piece of software could take care of this for you?

We agree! That’s why we built ContactMonkey. Beautiful and simple integration between Salesforce and Gmail. So how do you add an Email to Salesforce from Gmail using ContactMonkey? It’s crazy easy.

1. Install ContactMonkey to Gmail using Chrome from here

2. After installation Reload Chrome

3. Now every email you send you will be able to add the email to Salesforce by ticking the Bcc to Salesforce box. If you want to add every email to Salesforce then tick Bcc to Salesforce and then click on Set As Default. As a picture says a thousand words, here’s what it looks like:

Email to Salesforce from Gmai

 Now that’s easy! Let’s get going.

Install ContactMonkey to Gmail