How To Use Gmail Mail Merge

Gmail Mail Merge is a new email marketing service allowing you to send a personalized email from Gmail/Google Apps to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. No more copying and pasting the same message over and over again! Furthermore it's all done from within Gmail's familiar web interface. It's ridiculously simple. But [...]

Gmail Scheduling is Going to Optimize Your Work Week

We’ve all been there: Friday afternoon with the clock ticking. 4:45 rolls around and we think we’re home free. But, then your inbox pings and one more email slips through, begging to be read. To hell with it, you’ve got a weekend at the cottage planned and nothing is going to keep you working late. [...]

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Job Applications: Tracking and Hacking

Bad Take control of your job applications: see who's opened your emails, when you should follow up, and which parts of your resume are making a splash. [...]

Schedule Your Emails with Gmail Delay Send

Now you can use Gmail Delay Send to schedule when your emails will be sent! Wouldn't it be great if your emails could be sent later in Gmail? What if you could schedule when your emails left Gmail? There are numerous studies regarding the best time to send email but the times will vary depending on [...]

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Gmail Read Receipt – Now Available!

Most business people, especially those in sales, haven't used a Gmail read receipt, but they have used an Outlook read receipt. It’s a service that you can turn on which will send you an email when someone opens your email. The problem is the recipient of your email gets the following annoying popup message when [...]

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Gmail Read Receipt and Secretly Tracking Email Opens

Microsoft Outlook users are familiar with the dreaded read receipt indicating that the sender wants to know when their email has been opened. Do you say 'yes' to the read receipt allowing the sender to know you've opened their email? I didn't think so! Neither do I. But with that being said, being able to track [...]

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Gmail Read Receipt and Email Tracking for Gmail

We all know that ‘black hole’ feeling when we send an email… Did they open it? Are they interested in what I wrote? Did they forward it? Did they click on the link I put in the email? Should I follow up with them yet? But don’t fret! There's a simple solution out there that [...]

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How to Track If Your Sent Email Has Been Opened in Gmail using a Gmail Read Receipt

It’s really easy to tell if your sent email has been opened in Gmail using a new Gmail read receipt. And best of all the email recipient will never know that you have tracked the email. Hooray! Add Gmail Read Receipts Gmail Read Receipt It's ridiculously easy to track your emails in Gmail. Simple compose a new [...]

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